First outing


Finally my droid had its first attendance at a builders event. It’s still static and is missing a few details but it stood proud while many other R2 units were whizzing around it. Now another two weeks of tweaking things for Star Wars Celebrations Europe 3.

Horseshoe v2


All finished with Satin White when I realised that the inside surfaces where the buttons and the little strut go are actually silver metal. Out comes the aluminium tape.

Shoulder Hubs

Gave the shoulder hubs a coat of primer before applying filler to the outside. These are based on the metal parts design but 3D printed. Once the outside is smooth I’ll cover it with aluminium tape to make it nice and shiny.


Horseshoe v2


After my first 3D printed horseshoe started bending in the dryer cabinet after a coat of primer, I printed a new one for the right shoulder/leg. Here is a photo of the raw bits straight out of the 3D printer. I started with glueing them together with EMA plastic weld. It takes quite a while to fully cure but once finished it’s a pretty rigid connection. Next is primer and filler.

Center Foot – Part 6


Had a few hours spare to finish sanding and glueing together the bits for the center ankle. Seen here upside down. In this case all parts are 3D printed in PLA/PHA. The cylinders are not attached yet as they will be painted silver with the middle strip in blue. All the other parts stay white.


Center Foot – Part 5


Just before Easter I started glueing together the first 3D printed parts for the center ankle. The rounded side bits I printed back in January. Due to the redesign of the ankle (see earlier post), I had to chop them off a bit. You can see the slightly frizzled top ends of the round grey parts.