Center Foot – Part 3.6

After over 40 hours the core part of the center ankle has¬†finished printing. After a bit of sanding with first 60 grit then 120 grit, I test fitted the ankle with the food drive and the foot shell. Only now (after the sanding, of course) I found out that the rounded curvy bit above the pivot point is too close to the foot shell. The pivot point of the ankle and the foot drive didn’t even lign up properly, let alone the ability of the ankle to pivot forward or backward. Also, the center part was too wide and only just wedged into the channel in the foot drive. If I tied the M12 bolt that holds ankle and foot drive together, the ankle didn’t move at all.



So much for tailoring the part to my needs… (see my¬†last post). This morning I changed the 3D model and sent off another print that should be finished in about two days. I don’t think the slight change in design will be noticeable, especially with the center foot under neath the body and hardly on eye-height with anyone.

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