Front body vents



After a bit of a hiatus due to moving house early February, I started again working on R2. The center foot and ankle are still under construction but I concentrated on a few more body details now.
Glueing together bits from last year’s A&A part run: the front vents and the lower body vents. For the front vents I 3D printed the frames. The inner fluted parts are from the A&A kit and with a bit of filing fitted the frames nicely. I tried to come up with a clever solution to fix them to the frame. This would help to pull in the skins as they’re slightly bowing out around the center front. And I wanted to make them removable by creating tabs and bolt holes on the back of them (see photos). But once all bits were glued together I realised that the opening in the skins was too small to get them in from the outside. Back to the drawing board then, or rather the digital Rhino model. I still enjoy the fact that I can create these bespoke bits to fit my build.
Another thing was to plan ahead with the paint finish of the vents as they all have blue and silver parts. Which ones to spray first and then glue.

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