Center Foot – Part 2


Having already done the foot shells for the main feet last year, I was much quicker this time. I still have to come up with a clever and quick way of attaching the the “doors” on either side. This goes for the main foot shells too.

I guess I will try a solution with magnets. They will have to be strong enough to hold the “doors” whilst R2 encounters rough terrain.

Center Foot – Part 1


The extra days I had off before and after Christmas I used to start on the center foot to eventually have R2 standing on three legs. Unfortunately I didn’t take too many pictures. So here’s one of the assembled foot drive. The castor wheels are from Homebase. The thick styrene parts were part of the A&A kit I ordered last June. It was again a trial and error process to find the right bolts, nuts and washers for all the connections needed. I also ended up filing off bits of the upper part of the drive as it didn’t fit into the center foot shell.

This is still a thing I can’t get into my head. That the foot drive and foot shell of the same kit don’t work together without extra filing and cutting. I know that some builders might only use one or the other but you’d think that they should work together, coming from the same guy.

But once again: it’s building and not assembling!