Frame assembly

I got out the bits I had cut for the wooden frame of the body. I originally started with the design by Mike Senna, one of the original builders. No wonder it’s called the Senna frame in the R2 community.

The base and top are made from 18mm ply, the uprights and intermediate rings from 12mm MDF. The wood was kindly given to me by our carpenter’s workshop. Thanks to Keith and his fabulous team. I then had it CNC cut by a company near my work at the end of October.

Most of the connections needed some sanding. That might have been down to the material being 1/2″ and 3/4″ rather than 12mm and 18mm. After a successful dry fit, I started to glue it together with PVA, leaving enough time between the steps for it to properly dry.


The photo shows me being halfway through the assembly. Didn’t take one of the completed frame but you’ll get the idea. I’m sure there’s more opportunities for pictures of the finished frame.

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