Scooter Foot Drive – Part 1


The photo above shows all the A&A bits for one scooter foot drive. I did a dry fit first to figure out all the hardware bits I needed to put it all together. It’s mainly M6 bolts and nuts. To tie it all together I used M6 threaded connectors (see photo).


The whole scooter food drive is held together by metal hardware only, nothing is glued. The beauty with this is that it can completely come apart again. Later when I tried to slide the foot shells (also from the A&A styrene part run) down onto the scooter drives it turned out the some of the M6 bolt heads stuck out too far and I had to replace them with countersunk ones. That meant also countersinking the actual styrene bits where necessary.

The kit is of course called scooter drive as it’s made to hold the motor, belt and wheel of an electric scooter. I decided to use a belt instead of a chain because of it being less noisy. Below a photo of the scooter motor and belt mounted on to one of the side bits.


And finally a picture of both scooter drives assembled and ready to be connected to the ankles.


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