Second wave of hinges



After having received the second lot of Robart hinges I’ve spent Saturday afternoon locating the positions of them and drilling and countersinking the holes on the inner dome. My method of fixing the correct position for the hinges improved with every panel. In the end I taped them down with some strong double-sided tape and then put a few layers of frog tape on top. Then drilled all the way through tapes, hinge holes and through the inner dome from the inside, countersinking from the outside and voilà: nice fit. With the earlier ones I often ended up having to take the (inner dome) panel off again and sand back a lot as it ended up twisted and catching on the hole in the inner dome. Next is spraying the remaining outer dome panels blue, give them two coats of lacquer and mount them onto the hinged panels. For the mounting I’m using strong doublesided tape by 3M. That allows me in the future (if ever needed) to take them off and have access to the screws of the hinges.


  1. Hi

    Nice work with the Robart Hinges on your dome. I’m working on doing exactly the same, but on one of the panels, the top edge of the blue panel just catches the edge of the outer dome. I’m not sure if placing a spacer between the inner hinge panel and the blue panel will help, or if its to do with my exact hinge placement. It worked fine on one of the panels and I used these positions as a guide. Its the blue “square” panel that just seems to catch just as its lifting up….

    Any advice gratefully received !


    • Nussbaumer

      Thanks for your comment. Of course it’s been quite a while since I did this. But I remember that it was almost a panel by panel trial & error process. Sometimes I added another layer of double sided tape (that I’ve used to attach the blue outer panel to the inner panel) to lift the upper part of the blue panel just a tiny little bit up, and so not to catch on the opening in the outer dome. If you try to shift the hinge a bit further up or down, and therefore moving the pivot point up or down, you might get a better result (again trial & error). Another trick was to slightly file off a bit off the aluminium at the top edge of the outer panel and so reduce the material thickness where it could catch.

      Hope that helps in some way. Good luck.

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