First steps in electronics


I remember playing with an electronics kit when I was a boy. But I haven’t really done anything with electronics since then. Certainly not at a level that’s required for this droid to get going.

Luckily some hard working members of the builder’s club have put a setup together that helps the droid novice to get started. Appropriately it’s called “Padawan”. It basically consists of two Arduino micro-controllers that manage all the functions of the body and the dome and everything in between.

In this photo I tried a first assembly of the Playstation 2 wireless remote control, the Arduino Uno R3 and the MP3 trigger. Unfortunately it didn’t work as expected.

Having tested the connections between the Playstation receiver and the Arduino it turned out that not every pin connected properly to the Arduino. More testing needed…

Sanding and polishing panels

Sanding1To get rid of the spin lines that came from the manufacturing process of the aluminium dome, I started sanding with a rough 60 grit and then worked my way up from there.


Here are all the dome panels that will have a blue finish. I more or less followed CuriousMarc’s choice of grit levels. First dry sand by hand up to about 320 grit, then wet sand up to 2000 grit (very messy indeed), and finally Micromesh to take it up to 12000 grit. The aluminium still has a rather matt look but when touched it’s smoother than a baby’s bum.